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Chapter 286 Affinity

  • “Jianye, you've frightened Lin. This is too sudden, and it's normal if she can't accept it,” said Ye Qian.
  • Luo Jianye was a little embarrassed. He laughed awkwardly and said, “I guess it is a bit sudden. But since you already think of Wenbei as your brother, isn't it normal for you to think of me as your father too? It makes sense according to the hierarchy of the family. This isn't really too unexpected, is it?”
  • “Anan, just agree to it. It's good that you'll be a part of our family,” persuaded Luo Wenbei.
  • I slowly got back to my senses and said, “Thank you Mr. Luo, for your offer. It's just that I'm from a poor family, and I've been to prison. If I become the Luo family's goddaughter, I'm terrified that I will tarnish your reputation. So...”
  • Luo Jianye was taken aback for a moment. He looked at Ye Qian, and then at Luo Wenbei. His expression was even more awkward now.
  • Even Luo Wenbei was a little upset as he said, “Anan, since you think of me as your brother, then you are related to our family. You were wronged. You have always been a good person. How is it possible for you to tarnish our family's reputation?”
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