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Chapter 269 Which Reason

  • I hopped into Luo Wenbei's car once we left the company.
  • “I'm sorry for not protecting you. You did so well but you were still singled out. It's all my fault,” Luo Wenbei said to me sadly.
  • “Why do you have to say sorry? You rescued me from prison, arranged for my accommodation and gave me a job. You owe me nothing and did not wrong me at all.”
  • “You worked hard and performed well, yet why did they do this to you?” Luo Wenbei said to me as he frowned.
  • “Wenbei, I want to discuss this with you. Is it true that you will dismiss the entire management team if you cannot identify the person who singled me out?”
  • “Do you think I'm that stupid? The company will go bust the moment I dismiss the entire management team,” Luo Wenbei said.
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