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Chapter 291 What Are You Trying To Do

  • The time passed slowly in silence. The sky was all dark now.
  • However, more and more people gathered at the industrial park as the news spread like wildfire on the internet. Hordes of people arrived from the city just to watch the spectacle.
  • The national pastime was to just watch any spectacle. Be it someone jumping from a building to commit suicide, or diving into the river, everyone loved watching the drama unfolding before them. The larger the crowd, the merrier. Those who had come to watch were especially excited.
  • I heard a loud roar from outside. It sounded like the entire crowd was yelling together.
  • I couldn't help but push my curtains aside to take a peek. All the lights that were installed outside had been turned on. Everything was on including the big lanterns and the small rainbow-colored bulbs. The lights formed the words 'Happy Birthday'.
  • By themselves, the lights were dazzling enough. But with the flowers underneath them, Entrepreneurial Park had now turned into a floral and lighting extravaganza.
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