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Chapter 64 Mother and Daughter’s Reunion

  • Xia Mo did not make a peep. She did not consider herself particularly close to Leng Junsheng, but at the thought of Li Jiyao’s non-disclosures, in comparison, she preferred the simplicity and candor of Leng Junsheng and his company.
  • “Won’t it hold up your work?” asked Xia Mo, observing Leng Junsheng.
  • “That’s fine, when it comes to my work, I have the final say,” replied Leng Junshen, with valor. Leng Ling, who sat on the opposite end, blinked her eyes, in contemplation to herself: if father heard that, what kind of expression would he have?
  • The lot sat here and discussed the matter, in the end deciding on making a move to S City in the afternoon, with Li Jiyao coming along, while Leng Ling and Song Jianan went back to school. On route to S City, Li Jiyao got in touch with someone from S City, who confirmed they found out where Mrs Xia was staying.
  • “Thank you,” said Xia Mo, who was grateful for the help Li Jiyao was offering.
  • “We’re class mates,” replied Li Jiyao, who had a hunch that since Xia Mo realized his father was the Deputy Mayor, she had grown a lot more distant.
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