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  • When I regain my consciousness, it was the cell that greeted me. Apart from those rusty bars, I have the young boy as a company. Both of our feet in shackles, while our hand are hard-bound towards the attachment on the walls. There are grievance. The smell of death and sufferings is what I presumed radiating from this entire place. It reeks of hell. A life deprive of hope, and anything else that could have matter.
  • I turn to wake the young boy.
  • "Pst, wake up." Bring my foot in a hard-swing, but my attempt is fruitless. It was futile, feeling how tight it has had been. Oh god, we are already inside a cell, what could have made them bind us even, when we won't be able to escape the place at all? Well, maybe, if we're given the chance.
  • I puffed my cheeks. Trying multiple times, but all get weary. I stop, and waited. It did not take me so long. Soon enough, the kid had pulled himself together, but when he realize where we are, he panics.
  • "N-no... No.... No.... N-no! W-we... Die!" He screeched loudly.
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