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  • “So, how did the first day goes?” That’s the question I first dreaded Mom would ask.
  • How can I tell her about what happened? Would she then believe me? My first day became one of the worst day I don’t want to remember. I encountered things that absolutely drove me crazy. To run off in the woods, just because somebody called me Michelle. I heard him clearly utter the name, so soft, and gentle; the longing painlessly buried on those depth. An affliction of sadness and anguish for the loss unbeknownst to  how much he suffer.
  • I pretended to not hear her, and gobbled down the chicken we ordered that night. That’s for dinner. Mom told us that she haven’t had any spare time to cook dinner. The fact she’s been cleaning the house for the entire day lead for mom to definitely forget the time. Luckily, there’s a nearest fast food chain that’s still open at this hour.
  • Reign share his thoughts first.
  • “I hated it.” Unaverred eyes, he looks straight. He seems to be annoyed of something. “People sucks here, and girls flaunted, and throw themselves to whoever they think would give them a good time – and there’s one particular girl in my class, who thinks she could get a good look at my pants.” His nose scrunched up. “It is absolutely disgusting, Mom.”
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