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  • As she mourn, Devon failed to realized that she wasn’t alone, if it wasn’t for her wolf and the sudden alertness as it growled inside her head. She wiped the tears on her face harshly. Tear-stricken cheeks that made her visage redden across at the sudden emotions that brimmed and lash out, the pain, everything that overflows which scarred her soul. The sobs she reek of forgotten as she stood bold, while roaming her eyes around the forest.
  • She was trying to feel the presence. Every steps that whoever it was would signalled her exactly where could they be. Tosses away the broken feeling, the sensation in reminds of the deception colluded her insides.
  • “Who is it?” Bravely, she made her voice to sound as if she isn’t scared at all whoever it might have been.
  • The forest stretched. The woods and cuckoo’s from the birds filled her ears. The solace took turns, some twigs, the sound of the wind is the only thing Devon could feel. Had her mind was playing tricks on her? Funny, when the whole world felt like it was. Easing its way ‘til it grip and clutch her chest, wherein the love she seek she was plunged into, tasting the sweetness, relishing how good it was then realising how much she did not deserve it.
  • It feels that way.
  • It was a slap on her face, whereas the sting last longer she least expected to.
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