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  • When Leandra woke up the next day, the sun are up high in the sky, beaming across as it woken them from the dreamscape that became their only sanctuary from the cruelty bestow to humans like them. The finger she broke throb, it was painful, she can feel a pang as she move, and as it made contact even in the slightest of.
  • She gnawed her bottom lips.
  • If only she had not been reckless last night, but all the laments were all futile. The damage has been done and as if she was to blame. She had been enchanted, drive through until she runs cross the beast. It was just a relief that he had not yet beheaded her or she wouldn’t just be there serving the Palace, and all the plans would come into waste. The effort that is going to waste isn’t something they had plotted.
  • “Lean, let’s go together.” Kelsey smiled at her.
  • She had just done putting the new clothes for the feast. Earlier as they woke up, a servant who had been serving the Palace for no one knows how long had given them new pair of clothes. It was just a white tunic, it was plain, but fair enough to say that it is much comfortable than to their old rug clothes that were given them from the slavery house where they come from. They fit them perfectly, not most of them as there are much larger and smaller in size compared to their small physique. Leandra’s clothes appeared loose, but she did not complain. It was much better than being naked.
  • At the sudden thought, she quickly disregard them and set aside.
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