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  • Lilac couldn’t contain her happiness that was brimming. Her vibrant smile she holds the moment Lucian speak of those words. Then that means she wouldn’t need to make an appeal towards the Gods nor coerce her role unlike before. This time, it was the fate who is giving her the chance to reconnect and redeemed what Lilac failed to fulfilled. And she knew, she knew she wouldn’t make the same mistakes all over again. Even if it meant she needed to stop and put an end to the fate she might encountered on that realm. To the realm where all begins. The death of the heir and her rebirth.
  • But she brushed off those thoughts as of the moment. She should not think about that, because today, she should feast upon, and cheered because Today, it would be the time to whereas Eros would be sent to what she fears the most—Lilacs fears as a matter of fact.
  • She was still unsure, but Lilac knew that she needed to do this.
  • She sighs.
  • “I just hope that fate would be kind this time.” She uttered under her breathe as she opened her wings to fly.
  • The birds tethered, their tweet they shared seems to ease her worries and concern. The trees she saw stretched far, they stood in line, they are thick and in a row. They are fully grown unlike before to how she had last seen them. They are small, a seedling and now look as ages past, she had not yet noticed how much they had grown.
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