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  • And of course, how can Lilac let that be? She did not waste any second. The detour she could have done as she prepared herself to accompany Eros has been intruded as the desire to protect her from those angels kicked in. Instinctively as she followed suit adherent towards the thoughts, which keeps churning her insides. She couldn’t let them put harm on Eros!
  • Determined, she opened her wings, and fly to the row of trees, much lower adherent to hide her from view, so that they wouldn’t be able to sight see that they are being followed. Her eyes firmed, the grim expression she holds as she uttered those words inside her head, “I must protect, Eros.”
  • Eros, who on the other hand was standing on the center as she was receiving the gifts that the God had for her. It was necessary, the gifts indicate as a guide at some point. It would be something, a light shone even to the darkest time to repel whatever may have meant harm towards the Eros who had been chosen. If not the Gods, it was the angels, who decide what kind of present or a sort of power that an Eros should be bless upon.
  • It was Sol who came first; he stretched his arms wide in front of her.
  • “I, as the Supreme God blessed you with the courage, of bravery and wisdom to enlighten your mind, when it needed to be.” His voice thundered. It boomed inside the halls, and echoed loudly. His power and authority affiliated his position as a Supreme Being.
  • As he spoke of those words, a magic circle appeared underneath to where Eros was currently standing. The appearance was oddly written, there are letters engraved to whereas she wasn’t familiar with. They seem old. They appeared to be some incantations uttered, and used during ancient days. A vibrant luminesce came and she felt as if something has been given to her, but she didn’t know what it may have been. Perhaps, it was the gift, the sudden changes to which the she couldn’t pinpoint where.
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