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Chapter 75 WORRIES

  • “Uhmm...” Nerissa’s nervousness isn’t obscured as it seems. Her palms clammy, the beads of sweat trickled and trailed as all the colours seems to abandoned her face. Her lips protruded, lost for words at what excuses she could muster this time. But it wasn’t as easy as it was before. To face the angst visage of King Luther, the husband she left for her goal, to aid her son, in accordance to the fate that was yet to come. Too far, yet too near. Risky, and a dangerous fortune he didn’t have the chance to chose over.
  • “Save your excuses, my queen.” And she can definitely tell that he won’t but anything this time.
  • Nerissa sighs and lay her eyes to the room, everywhere, but not him.
  • “You shouldn’t have followed me.” She said. “The Kingdom needs you more, and without you being present in Devonshire? You know how much risk you are going to put our people into, Luther.”
  • “That does not only works for me, Nerissa.” His tone is hard.
  • His voice seems to hold something, combined anger, madness, but amongst all, she knew there is the worries he won’t be able to deny.
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