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  • [And so she found the truth she seeks even after the storm driven it away...]
  • Had you ever felt like how broken you are? How your chest was being reap apart, and you felt numb? More likely, because you hope too much, you expect that there would be something, a future perhaps, you are too drawn that you lost yourself towards that dream, failing to notice that it won’t be real. Surreal feelings that all comes to an end.
  • That’s what she felt.
  • She have a smile on her face, but the blatant truth she kept had been crawling, clawing her guts until it bleeds. Her heart bleeds, while standing on the door in front of Midnight’s penthouse, and the woman who had answered the door.
  • She is tall, a model height, perhaps 5’9 feet, which perfectly suit her as if she remember it correctly from what she read is on his 6’0 feet tall in height. She had a blonde hair, which deems to be paired at her angelic visage, eyelashes curving in an arch and lips, plump and full which made her more appealing. She felt small, belittled herself to even face her. Clad on a dress which hug her curves, her hip dips shown, meanwhile Rio was on her casual shirt and jeans that doesn’t offered much. She cannot compared to the woman. It 2qs as if she’s out of her league, what made it worst 2as Midnight’s cold orbs, unwavered by her sudden appearance—his stare chilly as if he become a complete stranger to her.
  • It hurts, but this is what she chose, right? And so she must endure. She doesn’t have the right to complain nor to tell him what he is supposed to be. He buys her, that’s the truth no matter how much she deny it.
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