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  • If Salem thrive to the peace to where it flourish, some part of its realm wasn’t. Same exactly to the West, a community called to which still beheld through nightmares of those beast. Conformed, because they had never heard that the wolves are already bygone. They had vanish through thin air.
  • “So, still having a lot of traumas with?” The man before who had noticed her on the stadium met Anna.
  • They run against with each other on the field. He looks enthusiastic, same as before, unbothered by the death they had witnessed that day. The man was clad on the same clothes, unwashed—a scarf on his neck curls up around his nape, a baggy and loose pants as well as a baby blue shirt, but nearing its pastel color. It was fading through adherent perhaps to how long has it been used. His hair messy, but a little decent. Compared to Anna, who had some torn part of her clothes. The linen exposing some hole punctured, it might had been towards the harsh treatment she had experienced from before. The bandits isn’t gentle. They pulled her, more like dragging her roughly while she remain unconscious. Fluttering her eyes only to felt some part of her body already aching until she was taken by Khaled’s group.
  • “Y—yeah.” Unease filled her stomach as she muster the courage to return his smile.
  • “Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it.” He sounded so sure as if it would just going to be easy.
  • Now Anna was rethinking her decision whether to be out there, yearning the feel of the sun against her skin, and socialize against this people. Those whim she felt threatened, because if she hadn’t been taken by Khaled—Anna may have ended up with same harsh fate. The gruesome death which would flail and plunged her on depth. It still give her the creeps.
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