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  • As many people think assumed that the wolves disappeared without any trace nor had they seen them died, they were wrong. The wolves were place in a dormant sleep adherent to how they had been chained. They were placed there to avoid more destruction, and chaos. In depth succumbed to an unconscious state, because it would only means trouble. They are not punish just like what people assumed. Neither they had doubts what has been weaved through them. The peace given to them by the Gods, but it won’t prolong, now that the real war is coming.
  • Silla, the seer of Salem, who had been serving King Bjorn, the current ruler stop on her tracks. She stop from what she was doing, but mostly suppressed duped towards the new presence she didn’t knew would grace her home, nor would she see him again. It was the same intensity. The heaviness of his aura that made the inviting ambiance of her temple be somehow dangerous..
  • Silla’s lips protruded. He was alone, but his power is brimming continuously. She may be blind, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t know him.
  • “It’s been a long time.” She uttered softly. The smile never leaving her mouth as it stretched far across from the opposite direction. She twisted around to faced him, although she haven’t had the ability to see the man, who was clad on a cloak, soaked, and damped by the droplets of rain, which is pouring hardly outside. The tip tap, which is slowly getting louder as each second passed. The grey clouds hovered. They are thick and dark as they embark a bad weather.
  • It was the only thing that keeps the silence intact, and in place.
  • Silla did not earn a response, but that doesn’t bothered her on the slightest.
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