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  • [And when one thought all were futile, when we lost what is precious, that’s when what valuable is given value, the life thrive without any redemption]
  • Had you ever been into a predicament where you needed to make choices? Oftentimes the call of duty, equal to what really matters to us. We get torn. We balance what we should do. We are lost, and there are instances where the decisions we put forward to cost us something important and we are aware of it. That’s what he is going to feel, which he is oblivious about.
  • He was on his way, when he received a call.
  • It was coming from the station.
  • “Detective.” It was him whom he could hear from the other line.
  • He sounded to be both in a hurry as if what he is going to tell him couldn’t wait for more. Intrigued, he waited. Even he was in a rush, he couldn’t keep himself be seated prior to the fact of where he was heading to. Reed is out of reach, but that doesn’t deteriorate the overwhelming hope looming inside of him.
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