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  • “It was happening now, wasn’t it?” Solas asked Sol as they peer across towards the mirror to which they can see Eros actions alongside with the other beings created on that realm. It was a realm home for humans, and any other beings existing yet they are in hiding. It was because sometimes those cannot live in harmony. By means of, there would be war, and fear, because of how different they live, and how their appearance are distinct from each other.
  • “The fate was acting already, I never expected that she’ll run with Kelsey that early.” Solas continued, upon hearing no response from the latter.
  • Sol’s eyes may have been staring ahead to the reflection that the mirror had shown, but his mind seems to have been filled with something else. This made Solas wonder, but it wasn’t on his nature to pry, and stick his nose onto something that he needed to, nor he musn’t to, only if Sol voice out whatever may have been troubling him.
  • He thought he wouldn’t speak nor would he responded to his queries, but he did.
  • “It was her fate.” That is what Sol uttered. “It was their fate woven through from those whom his soul are connected with.”
  • “You mean, even to him?” Solas raised his eyebrows.
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