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Chapter 102 HER GOODBYES

  • “Are you really going to give her back to her family?” Curious, one of Ethan’s warrior asked. It was Andrew, who was sheltered as a rogue before, and hunted if it wasn’t for Ethan’s help, and his pack.
  • “No.” He shortly replied.
  • “But why did you say—” Andrew frowns, yet before he could finish what he said, Ethan cut him off.
  • “It’s just part of the plan.”
  • “Even if she likely smelled same as Michelle?”
  • That made Ethan stop on his tracks. It’s been so long. Nobody is courageous enough to bring her name, Michelle, except to those who had far enough in midst, where he almost lost himself. The days he could have died, peril in hope to meet that woman at the other end. However, when fate play its cruel nature, the dice would part to ruin. Destroyed until you couldn’t rebuilt yourself, well as for Ethan, he tried as he saw his own pack in agony as they felt his misery. Endless, but that doesn’t mean the boldness and thread had made him forgotten Michelle and her death. The pain never stops, he only learned to live above them. She’s Ethan’s mate.
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