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  • The first thing that came into her mind upon their arrival was the fact that it was massive. It was beyond what Leandra imagined. It was covered by marbles. The entire place is made of either gold and expensive furniture, walls made of fortunes and glasses that made each children afraid to even lay one hand as it looks fragile, sensitive at one contact then it would shattered across without any warning at all.
  • However, no matter how extravagant the Palace appeared so, what was strange was it doesn’t carry the same ambiance that it was designated for. It was an unending silence that greeted them. The solace stretched as far as they could hear only the footfalls left behind by their own small feet.
  • It was far from what she’s been looking for. The Kingdom of Salem, the Palace for the monarch she could vividly saw inside her mind was exquisite. There would be feast which, thrive, bountiful and walls that drive one to admired how marvellous the entire infrastructure has built. Strong, and firm, or perhaps she’s been weaving the sight inside her head that she quite forget how different it may have become, because the ruler change. It was the wolves who make the laws. They are the one who sit on the throne and not rightfully the blood who should have claimed it.
  • “Don’t be loud, the King do not like noises.” They had been warn.
  • Their detour same as before end up to a room—a quarter made for servants. It was much larger unlike the basement they had told to cramp, crowded, but this one, the room is spacious. They had each beds, soft blankets that doesn’t reek for days and months of their own smell. And the children were so exquisite, the smile on their faces express their enthusiasm the moment they heard that they are allowed to clean themselves.
  • They had not been treated with cruelty and malice yet, but Leandra isn’t unsure of how vile the Palace would be towards them, the human slaves as she is aware about the maltreatment, the despise look they had often get from the house of slavery.
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