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  • When Nerissa woke up, she felt tired, her eyes are swollen red, and she could feel the remnants of tears she shed. To how long had she been unconscious? She haven’t had no idea even on the slightest of. But that doesn’t mean sleep had deprived her from the anguish that she was mourning for. Her orbs sullen, Lilac was the first who have noticed it, when she found her already awake.
  • “Your majesty!” She bowed her head, curtsying as she quickly joined Nerissa’s side. On her hand, she was holding a bowl to which the Queen could smell as some herbs mixed with hot water to dissolve it.
  • She knew ho had given it. It might have come from the royal doctors in the Palace to which the King have gone with. One of the reason why she couldn’t see his shadows, nor his presence loitering around inside the room. Her stomach dropped. She was actually expecting to see her husband—in hope to discuss the same thing again about Tarik. The scene she found came back inside her head, and it was making her chest heavy—much heavier than what she thought it should be.
  • “How are you feeling, my queen?” Quickly, when Lilac earned no response, she continue checking whether Nerissa was in pain or not. She was seized with panic the moment that the Queen’s eyes brimmed with tears again. “Your majesty..?” She trailed off, not knowing what she must do, lost and contemplating how could she console her, now that the King isn’t currently present as of the moment.
  • It’s just that after he bring Nerissa inside the room, Luther had had told her particularly to look after the Queen, while he’s gone to attend some matter. To what it might have been? Lilac haven’t had any idea at all, but he looks serious, hardened face as he never looked back after he left. She was wondering, but it wasn’t her right to pry across whatever it might have been, unless she has been told to either way.
  • On the other hand, Nerissa was clutching the blankets using her hand, her palms fisted across as a few tears fell on the cloth, but then she realized that it wasn’t exactly the same time to show and be conform by her weakness. She must be strong. Now that Tarik needs her, and the whole kingdom. She isn’t just going to be a mother, but Nerissa must not forget that she is also a Queen. She must have a brave heart no matter how much the situation are giving her difficulties.
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