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  • Long before, there has always been a turmoil. It never vanish, nor disappeared just because there is a new appointed ruler. The war because of greed. Warring Lords who disperse, scattered on the land to take over, a colonial remarks about dominion and submission of people who are not capable to rise in power. It did not only happen between humans, but it also occurred in wolves. Now that they are commonly known to be more dominant, exposed to what their nature involves them to. Werewolves aimed to rule, but only the strongest among the clan is the one who would befit the throne to take over a pre-domineering jurisdiction among his pack.
  • That is...if there is no wolves who would challenge him in a duelo. A duelo is a custom they practice for whoever might wanted, a demur qualm to take the reigning power from the current ruler. If he succeeded, he would be the King, if not, it is banishment to be a rogue is what awaits the loser. The banishment would mark their soul. It was something that every wolves fear as this means they do not belong to any pack, they would lose their connection, much worst was their sanity and their own wolf.
  • But to challenge Midas is what beginning to poisoned Alpha Ruan, Father of Miranda, the maiden who perish from the Kingdom of SALEM.
  • His eyes are dark. They cast shadows, intense gaze looming his rage and anger for the only Alpha female, his successor for their tribe, yet she peril. At some circumstances, he would dispute his doubts, but his blood boil. Every fibre of him is in enrage, in question when the human is being catered inside the Palace, yet his only daughter died without any explanation.
  • His teeth clenched. Even his pack shared their mourns, and anguish with their Alpha.
  • “They are here, Alpha.” His beta announce as he sits there, baring his teeth, his canines prolong with thoughts that couldn’t keep themselves at bay.
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