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  • [When all felt like they were losing hope and so it happens, the light shone in the dark pit that never happened before...]
  • It’s been days, but Yna could still feel the pang driven to her core as she heard the news. Her father died. Gregory “Greg” Montessano. It still hurts, but she knew that she would be able to cope up, survive ‘til she is capable enough to face the truth because that’s what her father would want her to do. She does not have a mother, and now she lost him too, leading for her to be under the custody of her old grandmother.
  • And today, she was allowed to bury the life that couldn’t be redeemed. It rendered her thoughts. It feels odd to mourn when no tears would stung her eyes. She was at the burial, and at any minute now, she would finally say goodbye to him. And that means it would be the last time. She won’t see him again. She won’t hear his voice, but only the recordings she keeps in her memory. She won’t be able to touch him, but his tomb.
  • “Let’s go, Yna.” Her grandmother croaked, her voice was still trembling. How could she not feel anguish, when the son she thought hurried her would be the first one to say and bid his farewells? It should be her, but life was unfair. It was Greg who had been taken.
  • Yna did not speak. She just stared at the freshly buried ground, and the marble cemented casket where her father lies.
  • “Can we...” She cleared her throat. “Can we stay a bit longer, grandma?” She asked softly.
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