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Chapter 121 HIS WOMAN

  • She was nervous—terrified even, how can she not be? Her hold tightened across to his armed muscle the moment they set their foot outside of the car. Yna thought that the dinner the trio meant was in a fancy restaurant, but not towards a party joined by a lot, and countless of big names, tycoons, and most of all billionaires around the world. There are media’s, who greeted them with a flash.
  • “That was Mr. El Mayor! Get a good shot!” She heard somebody screamed.
  • Yna shield her eyes as the blinding shots came. The paparazzi was throwing questions after questions.
  • “Who is your date, Mr. El Mayor?”
  • “Is it also true that you had been divorce with your wife? “
  • “Is she the reason why your marriage has been ruined?”
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