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  • Zachary guided me inside of the place. All eyes had been on us. Apart from the media, who tried simultaneously to garnered information, all the men, and women have this peculiar look on their faces as they keep their watch on us. Some seems amused, but there is this envy present as if who was I, who dare to grab one of the most prominent Billionaire’s attention present at that time. My stomach knotted. If I wasn’t under his protection, I would literally found myself beaten up by those girls, whose eyes lolled back with admiration towards the man I was walking with, but a fiery pit offered to me as they set ablaze with anger.
  • My hold tightened across to his arms.
  • I gulp.
  • He might have notice about my sudden nervousness.
  • “Afraid?” He asked briefly to we are the only person who could hear him talk.
  • I nodded my head.
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