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  • The ceremony ended, but Lilac couldn’t keep some questions adherent to what the maiden has been named of. That particular maiden who was now given the identity as Eros. It cause some to be stunned, shocked to say the least, yet many have not known why. Eros, how can Lilac forgotten the name she knew would only bring the latter some things she could mourn of, anguish, and distress. A never ending sorrow same with the fate weave, although the name means honor. A honorable warrior, an angel who was bold, brave and courageous as she leads war, and regent to revolt against unjust and evils of each dimension. It was misfortune intermingled with pain and agony, which never ends.
  • Lilac was frowning even after all the named maidens were sent back to their quarters, but Sol had ordered for Eros to be guided to one of the rooms they had prepared. In spite of the confusion, she does what they said and comply. Meanwhile, Lilac couldn’t sit tight anymore. She needed some answers, and she’ll get it one way or another.
  • She flew in front of the Supremes, when they turned their back on her.
  • “My Lord.” Her wings flapped. It make a loud sound resonating inside the halls before it stop the moment she landed. “It seems like II was bothered by something and it was you who was the only one who could fill what greatly troubles me.” Lilac added.
  • ”And what would it be, angel?” Sol glanced at his shoulder.
  • Lilac bowed her head in show of respect.
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