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  • Nerissa was expecting a warm welcome from Salem, but it was otherwise to what she had gotten. Her smile vanish. Although they had been allowed to enter, nobody had greet them unlike before. The land lay in silence. Solitude breathed and rushing on its breathen. The forest stretched high and might, same with the Kingdom, which is enormous on their sight. There are flocks of birds, but no souls loitered. Brooms discarded, and the vines uprooted from the ground, which continue to grow, much larger and bulkier as it surrounded the Palace walls and infrastructures.
  • It was far more different than how Reinsworth and Devonshire were built. Unlike them, which thrive with gold, longevity and fortune to express their power and authority, Salem have a much more simpler features. It doesn’t have gold to offer, but the peace, the solace that one would seek. Its forest were vast, an expansion extending towards the two Kingdoms. Salem had this easing aura. An ambiance which offered friendship, and not fiend capitulated foe, who waned troubles and war. They do not choose whom to help. They play fair, and do not turned their head away from those who seek their help.
  • It was one of the purest kingdom filled with magic, healing and sealing enchantment to restore the peace, and now it seems deserted. Abandoned even, but Nerissa doubt that the witches would just left without leaving any warning at all.
  • “Did something happened?” Confounded, she frowned and was suddenly confused.
  • To where her eyes lies, there’s nothing, but the empty feeling, although it feels odd. It was strange. Long before as far as she could remember, there would be witches whose days would be filled with herbals, seeking new roots for potion, and young witches to be taught to about how magic paid a great price on their life. How it could cost them something they least expect to.
  • But not this sight.
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