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  • “Are you really sure?” It was Arni, who asked Valerian the moment he came back. It was another man, a human warrior who had survived the annihilation of their race. He is a large man, who had his hands full by training the women and those lads while he was gone.
  • He was frowning deeply as he stated at him. When Valerian came back to bring the news and his order, he became torn. He couldn’t tell what urged him to decide so forth, but Arni is in opposition to what he was trying for him to do.
  • Valerian was plotting an attack towards the Palace in order to get back Leandra.
  • “This is too early, Val.” Arni said.
  • He was trying to convinced him that if they did it carelessly, revealing their location and all, it would evoke another bloody war. And it isn’t the right time yet. Leandra isn’t prepared to get herself involve. She is still young, and to lead today would mean burdens, which Arni isn’t assured whether she would be able to carried out or not. It’s not because he is doubting what she is capable of, what he fears the most was to make a wrong move, when they had gotten everything under control.
  • “This is my decision, Arni.” However, the latter was firm.
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