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  • “Aren’t you threatened?” Olivia asked.
  • Her long lavender hair was lying across to the man whom many would get envious with, Augustus—which the latter was brushing softly using his gentle fingers and hands. Delicate touch depicted for each locks and strands. Olivia let out a sound of pure bliss as her lips parted at the mere gesture he showed. She was a woman, who had made it close to the next in line King. Funny how she was just a servant girl, a lady in waiting and now she was here spending the time she isn’t supposed to with Augustus. She knew exactly the consequences of her actions if many found out about their secret fowl, but as long as it remain hidden, Olivia have nothing to worry about. As of she needed to, after all, she knew how much Augustus would do all means to ensure her safety.
  • “To whom I should felt threatened, my lady?” Augustus chuckled followed by a soft hum.
  • “To Tarik? Don’t you feel any bit or feeling of a threat that he may take over, much worst stole your crown, your highness?” The woman in synch with his soft laugh bites off.
  • “Not even the slightest.” Augustus uttered with so much assurance, which made Olivia raised her eyebrows.
  • “How sure you are then?” She was intrigued, he could tell how she is.
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