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Chapter 105 HOSTAGE

  • A hostage. She learns before that when you are taken, scream for help, evoke the will to survive, and to least not lower your guard. Needles to say, all sounded easy at first, prior when things go downhill and all hell break loose you’ll see how much the distinction between words and the actual scenario. Picasso, whereas Emery is in between. Treatment succumbed to the walls, which dither –deteriorated into an unknown masked they hailed just so she could be kneed on the neck; interlock spawn without any chance to cry for somebody’s aid and help.
  • Blinded with fury, she lost count how much curses she had uttered to sworn her hate to Ethan. To be deceived by somebody she put her utmost trust churned her stomach. How dare them had the guts to smiled, yet betray her in the end? To be a reminder how her hope get crushed by her own friend way back in college –Ace, and the bet. Outgrown rage in a hysteria. Ruckus on her layer that deems chaotic as it appear.
  • ‘Bastards.’ Emery spat out, where venom laced each words she uttered.
  • On the other hand, Ethan trained his eyes – heed, solely focus towards the map they had acquired. Locations presumably they’d let ally to study for years and years after the ancient war, where blood lies between humans and their specie. A preparation evoke the will, and the thirst that has never been patch up each encompassing days and night. The hunger to avenge, which lay dormant will soon awoken to cause another massive destruction and ruin amongst all beings.
  • “Where are we going to meet them?” Aly, one of the warriors shared the seat with Ethan and the rest.
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