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  • Back on the coven of the witches, Nerissa felt like her chest is going to explode. The damage spread wildly. The expanse it has, and the forest where almost everything dither were beyond getting redeemed. The disease seems to filled the land, and so the witches was left with an option to create a barrier towards the land, where it had not reach yet. However, they do not how much long it could bear what the sickness carry.
  • “Do you know what it is?” Nerissa asked.
  • She give Gineva a glass of water she found inside, which the latter gladly took in her hand.
  • “We couldn’t tell exactly nor locate the source of it yet.” She said. “And thank for this, Nerissa.” She added before gobbling down, and patching her already dried throat earlier.
  • What happened isn’t something they least expect to. It was just a usual day in Salem. While she was brewing some potion, one of the young witches whom Gineva knew came running and knocking on her door in a haste. Rushing as if what she is going to tell her matters the most.
  • “Wait up!” Gineva wiped her soaked hands on her dress, before she opened the door. “Marcus?” She was not expecting him to show himself much earlier that day. “Aren’t you told to look for some herbs in the mountain?”
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