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  • After Eligor and I's encounter, some things had never been the same. But I wish it did not change, because I am still hoping to loathe where I was than to long after it, when I was gone. I was given proper food, and bed, where I can lie my aching body. My feet is still sore from what Kalixta did, but it wasn't as painful as it was before. It feels like Eligor's presence deemed to cause for it to heal quickly, which I doubt. The idea seems ridiculous.
  • I was too lost at my train of thoughts, when I was knocked out from my reverie. The same jingling of keys made my stomach churn. I was hoping and both afraid. Hoping that it was Eligor, and cautious, whether it was Kalixta in revenge for what Beta Gadreel had done to her. She's been punished - serves the bitch right!
  • But it wasn't the one I am expecting to, it was Callum accompanied by an elder lady.
  • "Miss! We've see each other again!" He happily hop on his feet.
  • The lady chuckled at his reaction, before she look at me with those warm eyes. My heart leap. My chest throbs. Those eyes reminded me of mother. I badly missed her.
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