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  • Ali’s visage has been contorted. All scenarios, horrid one is what appeared across on his mind. His head filled with Lily’s face, bleeding horrendously and non-stop as se breathed out—much harder, much painful. His chest gripped, his beast ogled, and he could feel the monster lying dormant on his depth opened its eyes. Ready to devoured, prepared to lash out its anger. Angst coiling fuelled by unanswered questions ahead.
  • The rogue reeks as it hovered above Ali. It was growling, its attempts to put his dominion over him, but he is a fool. Because Ali isn’t somebody who easily feared rogues, when in fact... He is one himself. A wondering rogue who knew how to fight. A rogue who did not lost either his sanity, but fall in depth to kill those who wanted to annihilate him.
  • For the second time as it bared its teeth, Ali had not suppress himself. It was swift and fast. His hand, whereas his nails morphed into the claws of his beast already rose up to the air and clamped it snout.
  • “What the fuck did you do to her?!” From his fear, there came his ferocious howled.
  • His eyes darkened. It was that kind of darkness, which is out of this world. It was lashing, whipping across the air. His hold tightened. It foretold something much more terrifying.
  • The rogue did not speak, nor it has the ability to o so, it whimpers, when Ali without any hesitation slammed it across on the ground. It shook, but the savagery it had has befallen upon did not diminished. It did not dither nor has it vanish. He’s no fool, nor he is stupid. He knew that it wasn’t a coincidence that Lily’s scent intermingled with the rogues physique. Lily might have approached him before, yet perhaps it was because he isn’t as terrifying as it seems. He do not reeks, nor he smelt if a rotten flesh of meat, a lump reckoning into a mold, leaving one’s stomach to churned and reeled.
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