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  • The silence, which stretched far, was vast. Instill, stolid scenarios as she felt herself floating. Lightheaded without any thoughts, which disembark that she was somewhere else far from the dungeon, and pain she last could remember? Recalling the memory of the past event as they lingered caused her pain. A searing white-hot agony, which felt like her head was being ripped apart, open until Lendra was the one who suppress herself from doing so. Innate faces, visage and blood, until something loitered. She heard a flapped of wings, and the gentle hand she couldn’t be mistaken of whom it might have belongs to. Never have she forgotten about her.
  • “Lilac.” Therefore, she appeared that tiny creature she had been always with. “What happens?”
  • Long before Leandra could worry more, Lilac place her soothing hands to touch her face. She was staring ahead unknowingly to Leandra as if she knew something she did not. Something related to her, but for no apparent reason, her mind feels like the moment Lilac’s hand made a contact with her skin—it abruptly turned into a black canvas. Thus, it doesn’t give much. Devoid as it stood there starked on an endless void. The pools of her eyes express something Leandra couldn’t named of, and no matter how much she was tempted to ask, adherent questions regrading why she is there, and why in the first place?
  • A deep frown made her forehead ceased. Sworn to say that it feels like she was drifting away, that there are images on her head, which is thus far, further away, continue slipping until they get lost. Moreover, there’s no way she could have chase after same with Gallagher on a catcher in the rye. She lost it. Taken, but for what reason? And who are they?
  • “Lilac..?” However, she was clear on her head. Lila was there. Leandra could see her, but not those—Are they humans? Are they what? Confounded and confused, as she couldn’t tell. It was as if there’s this big wall, which is blocking her view, not letting her pry, though her yearnings to pry rather became intense.
  • ‘stead of, Lilac shushed Leandra.
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