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  • Happiness, courage, and boldness are what Eros carries.
  • The Salem on her mind is what exactly what she had seen. Full of trees as the field flourish. It stretched as far the moment she had been sent there. The clouds are blue, they hovered from above as if they remain there rather to guide them, although they also keep changing their colors. During the day, it would be blue, if not white. But at dusk, it would be smeared by a vibrant vermilion color shading it as it morphed into stars and moons. They look ethereal. Their beauty out of this world left her in awe. Her fears, and her nervousness to which she tend to have seems like had freed Eros from whatever chain they are trying to tied her from. The beating of her heart as the magic circle transported here on this realm—they eased into a harmonious synchronization. The rhythm of ups and downs she reckons to be filled with curiosity, intrigued as she keep her eyes wide, uttering soft murmurs of admiration.
  • She may not have her wings anymore, but that does not bothered her even on the slightest of.
  • “I never knew this realm would be more than what I am imagining from in my head,” She couldn’t help it, but to voice out what was inside her mind.
  • Too lost, but not too drown, Eros picked up the sound of wheels, a loud neigh of a horse indicating that somebody was coming. Curious, but taking no means to blocked their way, she hurriedly walked to the side of the road, and waited.
  • It didn’t take long, a carriage passed by, and by the looks of it, it seems as though whoever may have been the passenger of it deems to be a person with great importance. The stallions stood tall on their grace as they pull, they are handsome, and of good breeds that would be preferably found oftentimes in the Palace. They look to be well-taken care of, and carriage had something elegant radiating from it. It appeared regal, but how can it not be?
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