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  • Devon gazed at Jasper’s state rather solemnly. She couldn’t dismissed the worry she had for her friend. His wounds doesn’t look serious, nor severe, but it’s been two days, whereas he haven’t gotten his consciousness yet unlike her or perhaps, her healing became much faster because of her mate? But ‘stead of the thought to soothe her worries, it only added to her distress.
  • She haven’t seen him. Tarik had not showed up during those days and so her heart ache. Devon couldn’t keep her questions at bay. Her head filled with doubts, scenarios wherein she could see Tarik, disgusted to find out that she was a rogue.
  • It hurts. It pained her to see the vivid expression far itched on his face.
  • Devon quickly shook her head off and disregard those thoughts away. It only made the pain to get worst leaving for her wolf to whimper and that’s not what she needed right of the moment.
  • Her gaze move back to Jasper.
  • “I hope for you to be alright soon, Jas.” Devon bit her lips. “I’m sorry...”
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