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  • Valerian saw something he hadn’t been looking to woke up with.
  • It was Leandra but with a wolf. She was laughing, her eyes pin a pure joy as she leaned closer to the man, whom Valerian haven’t had any idea about, but he have his suspicions, which is going back and forth. He don’t want to think, but the scenario was in fact disturbing. She was far from the young girl he mould, built from the loathsome feeling he had poured for her to have a string reason why she should kill and annihilate each wolves. Valerian made it possible for Leandra to become who he is. Cold-blooded ruler for her nemesis who had taken their land and courteous Queen, the one who sits on the throne for her people. But the scene deems to shattered his dream.
  • “I am happy to finally get over with it.” She whispered, the older version of the child he honed as she lay her head on that beast furry body.
  • He stood tall, and massive. It was a lack wolf, whom Valerian never forget on a bit. The king of Wolves, the Alpha of those monsters who growled and take one of his sight. His blood boils with anger. Every fibre of him seethe, writ towards questions which even he haven’t had any answer.
  • Where did he had gone wrong?
  • Valerian clenched his fist. This can’t be right, now he knew why she was being keep close. It wasn’t because of her being a human, to let her be tormented but because there is a more and much deeper reason behind it that the Alpha kept. However, he won’t let him lay a finger on her as Valerian knew what wolves are capable of.
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