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Chapter 130 HER ENVY

  • The woman was voluptuous. Her curves falls on each corner and on its right places. A bodycon was hugging her perfectly shaped waist and chest. They were tight, but fair enough to flaunt her assets and what beautiful of a woman she had work on to achieve who she is, or perhaps it was on genetics. I couldn’t help, but get jealous. She was more than the average I was. My chest falls between in the middle, it wasn’t big, but I am on B group. And my body—I have baby fats on my stomach, my arms were like jelly, incomparable to some women around my age. It made me envious. I will admit that I was kind of...permissive.
  • I couldn’t help, but wonder—how do they manage to maintain such appearance? And how do they become so much beautiful, remaining on the top, where most women would desire to be them?
  • I don’t know. I have no idea even on the slightest.
  • “It’s you.” Her smile widened. “I am really not mistaken. I didn’t expect to see you here now that Vanessa is also present, Zach.”
  • At the mention of that name, I could have sworn that she knew something or she knew more than what she seems to what has been going on between Zachary’s marriage and his wife, or rather as I presumed, his ex-wife.
  • “Natalie.” Zachary briefly greeted the female who on the other hand invited herself to be seated right next to his right, while I am on his left.
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