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  • “What if we didn’t get to be chosen?” Kelsey asked after they lied awake on their back at that night.
  • Both are weary from the works to which they had been assigned with that day. it was more hard, much harder than they thought it should. After they attend through the garden, the had asked them to pick up some fruits, and harvested a few for the kitchen attendant. It was a must now that they heard that the Queen, and the King would call for a celebration. One particularly, because of their newborn son that would be the heir in the throne.
  • Everybody was enthusiastic regarding the news, even Eros too, knowing that it was the woman whom she had seen, and encounter on the road. How did she know you say? When he had caught a glimpse of the pair on the balcony, Eros saw the same woman who was holding a bundle, but what was different that day was she was wearing a tiara on her forehead. It makes her more beautiful. It makes her appeared to be more regal, and elegant at all.
  • She couldn’t help it, but admired the latter more.
  • “Don’t assumed things first now that we didn’t know about it yet.” Eros found herself telling those words to Kelsey. Same as her, she was lying on her bed, speaking of the latter although her mind was flying somewhere else. She was filled of thoughts, memories to which she could dwelled. Not those memoirs that bottled her, but the one whom she can recall way back on their realm.
  • She couldn’t help it, but ponder—how was Lilac? How was the other angels? Because Eros haven’t heard anything about them at all.
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