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Chapter 9 The Young Girl, Lydia Dawson

  • At this time, Danny and Caroline were still husband and wife, legally speaking. If he refused a divorce with her, then her dream of getting engaged would be shattered. Even if Bradley didn't care, could Danny forgive her?
  • Hence, after a moment, they arrived at the Central Hospital, where it was announced that the results of the paternity test between Danny and Taylor would take a day.
  • For Danny, this day was not agonizing. He only got the test just to get a result. As for what the result would be, he didn't care at all! He wanted to make Taylor his!
  • At the entrance of the hospital, Caroline's face drooped. "Danny, you have to keep your word. After we receive the test results tomorrow morning, go with me to the city hall to get a divorce."
  • "I'm telling you, there's no chance between us, so stop daydreaming. You're destined to be a loser, and a mere chicken will never be a match for a phoenix." Caroline seemed to be advising him earnestly.
  • Destined to be a loser? Danny sneered and glanced at her. This woman, who always looked down on others, had no idea that he had already transformed. Putting everything else aside, with his current medical skills alone, he was able to thrive and succeed without any problem.
  • "Don't worry, I'll keep my word. A woman like you isn't worthy of me being obsessed with you. Don't think too highly of yourself; it's not always a good thing."
  • With that, Danny patted Caroline's soft shoulder and turned to leave.
  • Caroline's eyes were filled with anger as she stared at Danny's departing figure. His words almost made her lose control. How could a worthless dog like him, who couldn't even afford a meal, dare to mock her?
  • She angrily shook her designer handbag and arrogantly stomped away in her heels.
  • Back at Kyorin Traditional Medicine Pharmacy, Danny returned with a promotional slogan that said, "Quick and Effective Cure to Illnesses."
  • After that, he opened the door. Inside the shop, there were still some medicinal herbs, and the selection available was quite complete, enough to sustain the business for a while. Besides, Danny now relied not on herbs but on acupuncture.
  • The Azure Sac Immortal Scripture had a needle technique called the Seven Star Needle. With this technique, Danny could alleviate it even if it was a terminal illness.
  • The shop was open, and the sunlight shone brightly inside, warming his body. He waited for half an hour, but no one came. Even so, this was normal, so he was not surprised.
  • Kyorin Traditional Medicine Pharmacy had a bad reputation in recent years as there were few doctors, and the quality of the medicine was average. Hence, only a few people were willing to entrust themselves to such a pharmacy.
  • Soon, Danny sat on a chair, enjoying the sunlight, and began to activate the Azure Sac Immortal Scripture within his body. In an instant, a warm current surged through his body like a small stream. It was not particularly powerful, but it flowed through his limbs and bones, making his blood surge with warmth.
  • Before he realized it, three hours had passed in the blink of an eye.
  • Meanwhile, he continued to close his eyes and cultivate his spirit, constantly activating the Azure Sac Immortal Scripture. Surviving and using the Azure Sac Immortal Scripture to cure his terminal illness was his greatest hope and motivation!
  • "Hey!" Suddenly, a voice sounded. Like the melodious chirping of a lark, it was pleasant and light.
  • Danny slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw the figure in front of him, he froze in shock. It was a young girl who was wearing a light beige knitted sweater and light blue jeans, which perfectly showcased her graceful figure, and her slender legs were particularly eye-catching. She wore black ankle boots, adding the finishing touch. Her long hair cascaded down her shoulders, and on her flawless oval face, her bright eyes were like two shining stars, emitting a mesmerizing light.
  • She stood in front of Danny with her hands behind her back, smiling, exuding tranquility and youthfulness.
  • Goddess! An absolutely perfect goddess!
  • In the eyes of ordinary people, Caroline was already beautiful enough, but compared to this girl, there was a world of difference!
  • This girl seemed like a fairy who had walked out of the heavens, stunningly beautiful, with a charming figure and an otherworldly temperament, making her seem like an ethereal princess, and even Caroline's beauty seemed somewhat cheap and tainted in comparison.
  • "Do you need medical treatment?" Danny smiled, and his heart couldn't help but beat faster.
  • The girl nodded gently and sat opposite him, obediently extending her arm, her fair skin shimmering with a milky glow under the sunlight.
  • Danny placed his fingers on the girl's pulse. At this moment, seriousness replaced the smile on his face, and he became completely focused on his work, exuding a unique charm. Even the girl sitting across from him was stunned. As the sunlight shone above them, it seemed to cast a mysterious halo around him.
  • "What's your name, miss?"
  • "I'm Lydia Dawson."
  • "Lydia Dawson. That's a nice name."
  • "Just tell me, do I have any illnesses?"
  • Danny nodded with a smile.
  • Lydia pouted and gave Danny a disdainful look. This gesture had a charming charm that continuously struck Danny's heart.
  • "Miss Dawson, you've been weak and sickly since childhood. As you grew up, your condition gradually improved. Other doctors may call it an increase in immunity, but in reality, it is a condition of having a weak body."
  • "The so-called weakness in the body is an imbalance of yin and yang, with an excess of yin and a deficiency of yang, resulting in weak energy and the formation of diseases."
  • Danny calmly explained Lydia's condition.