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Chapter 98 A high price

  • Cainan knew he couldn’t go back to his normal life and act as though Hugo didn’t threaten the life of Jasmin and those he loved. Hugo might be behind bars, but he was still as powerful as he was the day he took Clara’s life and he had to think up all measures to keep everyone he cared about safe.
  • Now more than ever Jasmin was important and the thought of her getting hurt or being left in a terrible state shook him to the core.
  • He had a lot planned out for tonight's date with Jasmin, but he was reconsidering that. He wouldn’t be himself at the date. And he would never be himself, not until everyone he loved was safe.
  • He needed help and only one person could give him what he wanted, but that came at a high price.
  • The desk phone close to him beeped, and he pressed the answer button and Wura’s voice came through immediately.
  • “Mr Inferno, Vanessa Campbell is here to see you.”
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