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Chapter 112 Missing out

  • Reaching out to Gerald Michael Day wasn’t what Cainan wanted, but it was necessary. Jasmin was right, this was his opportunity to know why the man left his family and never look back until now.
  • As a child, Cainan had a lot of questions about his father and his whereabouts. Ada did her best to provide and care for him as much as she could, but that never stopped him from asking those questions he couldn’t answer.
  • As he grew up, he had the fear of becoming just like his father and, someday, abandoning those he loved. That never happened, rather it became the other way around instead.
  • Cainan sat on a chair at the corner of the resort, pressing his phone when Gerald walked in, his hands tightly hugging the brown leather jacket he wore.
  • Although he glanced at him two nights ago while he took his leave from the restaurant, he didn’t take the time to analyse him. He had silk grey hair with a few strands of black in them and the lights in his sea-green eyes hidden in his glasses were dim, making them appear tired. There were wrinkles on the fair skin of his face and freckles littered over his nose and upper cheeks.
  • He looked weary, but Cainan didn't bring himself to care.
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