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Chapter 118 When escape is not an option

  • Dennis dragged Jasmin out of the house and into her car before forcing her to drive them away from the house. They drove past a few security points and each time, Jasmin played it cool and smiled her way through each line of questioning they had for her. She obeyed Dennis and did nothing that would spook suspicion for the safety of her unborn child even though she couldn’t imagine going back to the nightmare of a life she once had, filled with fear, abuse, and pain.
  • “Where are the rest of the team?” she asked, a little curious as they left the last checkpoint.
  • Dennis did nothing without his team, which comprised three other wealth exchangers, and Jasmin sensed something was up with their absence.
  • “Dead.” He flatly replied, his eyes on the road. “I lost them a few days ago, during a heist.”
  • Her eyes dropped. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled quietly, but she was not surprised. The life they lived was a dangerous one, which was why she wanted to leave. “If money is what you want, I can speak with Cainan and he will gladly come to an understanding with you.”
  • “How many times have you fucked him in the last nine months?” he asked instead.
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