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Chapter 94 I love you

  • He let go of the doorknob and turned to see her needy and helpless eyes.
  • She bit her lips and gingerly approached him; she hadn’t gotten over the event of the night, yet at this moment, she wanted nothing else but the man in her bedroom who had proven yet and again that loving him wasn’t a mistake.
  • She wanted to have him with her and this need became more with each passing moment. Also, she wanted him to bathe her and hold her tight; she wanted him to make her his, to kiss her, touch her, claim her, possess her, to make sweet love to her. Her want for him was more than the air in her lungs. 
  • She closed the space between them and her lips locked in his for a sweet kiss. His lips felt soft and she could smell the red wine he had had at the party on his tongue. Her hands moved from his chest down to his trousers and she unlocked it and undid the zip before pulling it down, all the while fighting to keep their lips locked.
  • Once his trousers were down, she unbuttoned his shirt. Taking her delicious time with it and hearing him growl in response. His hands helped her to undo his shirt before tossing it onto the floor. He was impatient, and she found that as a turn on. 
  • He turned her around so that her back faced him and his lips met with her hair and slowly it proceeded to her neck and this sent tingles to the rest of her body. She lightly moaned in response and leaned into it. His large palms moved on her body, his lips kissed and sucked on the spot on her neck and his hand cupped her breast through her gown, making her breath catch in her throat. He softly massaged them with his palms, earning continuous moans from her, and she surrendered herself into his arms.
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