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Chapter 86 If you treat me right

  • Cainan got down from his car and approached Kitchen Delight's building. He honestly thought that starting her own restaurant would help Jasmin be free and less busy, but that was a lie, she was busier than ever and now he just wanted to go in and drag her out of her office. He couldn't, that would cause a stare and he didn't want that.
  • A lot of things had contributed to the decline in the time they spent together and there was no one to blame. From running his company to the trial and her restaurant, there was a lot to consider. He didn't want to find fault, but he noticed there had been a withdrawal on Jasmin's part towards him and it almost felt as if she wanted to run away or keep distance between them. He might be wrong and it could be the paranoia acting up, but he couldn't shake off the feeling.
  • He could call her and tell her he was downstairs but he wanted to see her at work. Coming without first calling wasn't his usual routine but Jasmin wasn't the usual girl and he wanted to step out of his norms with her.
  • He entered the restaurant building and headed straight for Jasmin's office through the stairs of the hallway and when he got there, he lightly knocked, but without waiting for a response, he opened and stepped inside.
  • He found her concentration fixed on the menu booklet in her hands, not bothered to even glance at him.
  • First of all, ouch.
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