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Chapter 87 Serving you your punishment

  • Jasmin stepped into the living room after having her quick shower. Cainan was already out of his blue suit and now in an ash long sleeve while he adjusted the couch with enough pillows so Jasmine wouldn't feel so much discomfort when she'd sit to watch the movies.
  • Staring at him for too long made her heart hurt and she turned her attention away and strolled further into the living room.
  • "I see you've set the place."
  • Cainan's head lifted and he saw Jasmin already in the living room in a lovely red nightgown that showcased her bump perfectly and her hair was in a top knot bun and a small strand fell to her face and deliberate or not, it made her beautiful. There was no guarantee he was going to keep his hands to himself.
  • "You should go shower, I already picked out some clothes for you on the bed, if those aren't what you want, check the top right drawer, there are a few other sets there.
  • His eyes crossed," Oh wow, if I didn't know better, I'd say you prepared for today."
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