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Chapter 88 You can't have both

  • The door to the Lexus RX opened and Felix offered Jasmin his hand. She politely smiled and accepted his offer, stepping out of the car in a white, one arm pleated gown, almost reaching her knee. She had on a black three-inch heel and was holding a golden purse in her hand. She didn't picture how amazing the gown was last week when she first tried it on and despite Lisa insistence that it was a great gown, she didn't see it. Today, however, she realised it was a very pretty gown and it made her feel good about herself and she was certain Cainan would love it too.
  • Today was Lisa's twenty-seventh birthday and she was having a musical party and only the elites were invited. It wasn't just a musical party, Lisa wanted to also use the opportunity to raise funds for disabled children around the country which made the celebration different from the others she had had in the past.
  • Lisa had taken them all out to shop a week ago because she wanted her friends dressed their best at the party. Although Jasmin's wardrobe had been upgraded to a higher standard ever since she started dating Cainan, Lisa needed her to not just be awestriking but also outstanding. Her natural red hair which fell to her shoulder made her look more elegant and sophisticating. Her make-up was done by an artist Lisa sent to her apartment two hours ago despite Jasmin telling her she was more than capable of handling her own makeup. Turns out stubbornness ran in Cainan's family.
  • Nevertheless, it was Lisa's day and she was ready to do anything to make it a happy day for her. 
  • She smiled at one of the securities in the black suit as he approached her. He gently took hold of her hand and led her into the hall where the celebration was taking place.
  • She sucked in a deep breath at the sight of the glamorously set hall and she further understood what Cainan meant when he said the Abayomi always goes for show. This was beyond amazing and she couldn't believe it was just for a birthday celebration.
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