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Chapter 99 Afraid of being alone

  • Jasmin felt Cainan's soft lips on her shoulder and she moaned and arched her back, pressing herself to him so that they were closer than they had ever been.
  • "It's been too long," he growled as his lips met her shoulder and sucked on a spot, sending weakening chills through her spine with speed she couldn't control or decipher. His tongue darted out, licking over her sensitive neck and she purred, gripping hard on the navy blue shirt he had on, not looking to let him go.
  • "So perfect, my love." he tilted her head and seized her lips in his while rocking himself against her.
  • She wanted him like she had never had him before; maybe even was desperate for this, desperate for him, his touch, his kiss, his caress, his fondle, his domination. She didn't want to wait another minute before having a fill of her hunger for him.
  • She moaned out, "Cainan, please touch me," and he obliged, his hand dipping into her already manhandled gown and raising a little higher before slipping his fingers into her panties, and familiarising them to her damped love spot.
  • Her hips bucked, and she rubbed herself against his hand, greedy and needy as always. He didn't deny her; he gave her what she wanted, what she had longed for, even though it was with his fingers. They invaded her, stretching her body and getting it accustomed to the feel of being penetrated, and she loved it.
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