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Chapter 82 Saving you

  • "What did you do back there?!" he exclaimed although nothing in his voice said he was furious or even upset with her.
  • "I was saving you from yourself, now come, if you keep starving yourself, you're going to get skinny and everyone is going to blame the girlfriend as always. They will say I'm the one draining the life out of you not your work or board members, me."
  • He chuckled in response and his eyes dimmed, causing wrinkle to form at the side of his eyes.
  • She frowned at him, "What's funny, Mr Inferno?"
  • "You're just too cute."
  • She rolled her eyes, but her cheeks burn in response, "You only have twenty minutes and last I checked you're a very slow eater and oh, I didn't cook this myself, I said that just to gain more sympathy." she tried walking away but he caught her hand and pulled her back so she fell against his chest.
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