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Chapter 91 Missing you

  • Cainan spotted Jasmin not so far away, staring afar off with a focused gaze trying to find someone or something and he made his way over to her, when he was close enough, he wrapped his arms around Jasmin's small waist and he felt her almost rebel to his hold before discovering it was him and relaxing easing herself.
  • "Where have you been, Ms Whyte?" he murmured into the crook of her neck as he pulled her closer to himself and their body touched intimately. "I've been going crazy with missing you."
  • She became intoxicated by the rich smell of him and wanted more of him, more of his touch and hold. She wanted to snuggle close to him all night and day and never let go.
  • They were both at the corner of the hall, which was less crowded than the front where the guests gathered.
  • She had left him close to an hour minutes ago to go find Lisa, but ended up running into Remi and Marc, and then Faith, and then finally Lisa, who she later had to comfort in the restroom. Indeed, a lot had happened that made her almost forget about Cainan.
  • "I've been around." She replied with a cunning look on her face, "I saw Faith, and she still believes I stole you away from her."
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