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Chapter 121 Epilogue: The boring man

  • A few days later,
  • Jasmin was holding onto a bunch of lily flowers and she wore a long silver gown that littered with every move she made. Lisa told her it was going to give her the best look two days ago, and she believed. Cainan was in a black tux and red bow tie and sat in his wheelchair, awaiting her arrival at the altar. He was taking Rogue’s advice and also grooming a beard and a few stubbles were on his face.
  • Jasmin told Cainan she wanted to be married to him a few days ago at the hospital and despite being confined in bed, Cainan moved to plan for the wedding, which would be a small one with only family and friends.
  • After they released him from the hospital, the doctor gave strict instructions that he made use of the wheelchair to help heal and restore him to his full strength before walking and so he had done in these past days while planning the wedding.
  • Coming out to Ada about the whole truth was one of the first things they did after they discharged Cainan, but that didn’t change her mind. She admitted to having her suspicions and thanked them for coming out to her. She was way more positive and supportive than Jasmin expected, but she was grateful for that.
  • Jasmin has been by Cainan’s side throughout the planning and also his adjustments to the temporary confinement, with support and help, both physically and mentally.
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