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Chapter 109 Forgot nothing

  • Flashback to a few months ago.
  • The server dropped a bottle of Monster before him and a bowl before Jasmin and in it were three wraps of maize pudding and a smaller bowl of tomato sauce and he didn’t miss the excitement that flashed through Jasmin’s eyes at the sight of the meal. It made him happy on the inside, but focused more on the handful of a woman before him than emotions.
  • Jasmin wasted no time in diving the meal and within one minute, she finished the first wraps of maize pudding, and it took a lot of effort to not let his jaw fall to the table. With Jasmin being surprised was a never-ending circle. “Well, at least when I see you eating a meal meant for three, I will no longer raise a brow.”
  • She slowed down and wiped at her mouth with the serviette on the table before saying, “You never raised a brow though...”
  • “I always did, but you were just too busy stuffing your face with food to care.” He told her with a roll of his eyes.
  • She barked a laugh that almost caused her to choke on her food. “I’m sorry,” she said, and the humour disappeared from her face when his gaze became hard on her.
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